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Types of Medications for Weight-loss

Types of Medications for Weight-loss

Noradregenics: Phentermine is the most commonly prescribed amphetamine-like medication for weight-loss. Phentermine is only approved for short-term use (less than 12 weeks) in adults; at that point the majority of the patients may have developed a tolerance for the drug and it is no longer as effective.

This class of medications are mild stimulants that suppress appetite by altering chemical signals in the brain. Common side effects include jitteriness, dry mouth, constipation, elevated blood pressure and increased pulse rate. It should not be used in people with a history of heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, seizures, or anxiety disorders.

Weight Maintenance: Many people can follow a diet and lose weight, the challenge, however, comes in maintaining the weight-loss. Any changes in eating and exercising behaviors must become habitual, which takes time. Most programs offer monthly visits that provide behavior modification help (strategies to help change habits) that encompass things such as: record keeping; eating behavior and associated activities; eating slowly; portion control; vitamins, minerals, fiber and water; enhancing exercise; attitudes, self-esteem and quality of life; and holiday and stress eating.

Realistic Expectations: Unrealistic goals of a comprehensive weight management program often result in failure. This method should not be expected to achieve “ideal” body weight, often set as a measure of success. A modest weight-loss can offer profound benefit in preventing or delaying the onset of co-morbid medical problems and should be viewed as a success.

This realistic goal of a 5 to 15 percent weight-loss from initial weight will keep one focused, as well as improve their quality of life and help manage any obesity co-morbid medical problems.

Our physician and staff are excited to be your partners along this path, helping you lose weight safely giving you back your best weight and best health for a lifetime.  You can count on sound nutritional advice, physician direction, support at your weekly visits, delicious, natural food purchased at your grocery, and an easy to follow program that produces encouraging results practically right away.

We also use vitamin supplements, FDA approved appetite suppressants and fat burning supplements to help you achieve your goal.

As a patient at Transformations for Life, you have the peace of mind of knowing that a physician supervises your customized weight loss program and supplementation every step of the way. You can have that fit body and lose a number of those physical ailments that have been troubling you for years…high blood pressure, aching joints, lower back pain, foot pain, some diabetes and more.

The keys to the Transformation for Life weight loss program is two-fold – a safe, healthy restricted calorie eating plan that revs your metabolism, and educational support you need to achieve your goals. You CAN do this!

We will work with you to understand which foods can help you on your weight loss path, and which foods can, surprisingly, hinder you. You will learn how to eat healthily at restaurants and other people’s homes. 

If you have attempted to lose weight, time and time again. If you If you have spent countless hours at the gym doing miles on the treadmill, and dollars on weight loss plans with no sustainability component, then take heart.  The Transformations for Life program will  help you lose weight safely and effectively. Yes, we recommend exercise, moderately.

Yes, we often use the aids of safe FDA approved supplements; temporary tools to help you achieve your goal weight safely. But, above all of this, is the full understanding of the foods you eat and how they can bring you into or out of a state of weight loss and wellness, and best of all, this knowledge is something that you will have your entire life, long after you've graduated our program.

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