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Transformations for Life is your path to total health

The Transformations for Life Diet is a plan that will change your life.  Not only will you look and feel better, you will also greatly reduce your chances of developing chronic diseases as you age. The key to this diet is a significant reduction in your calorie intake.  As with other diets, this will produce a calorie deficit, which means you are burning more calories than you are consuming, resulting in weight loss.  But there are several features of the diet that make calorie restriction easier and more effective. 

You will be prescribed an appetite suppressant.

  1. You will be eating a high protein diet, which will delay hunger and reduce cravings
  2. You will be eating low carb, high fiber vegetables with your meals to create a sense of fullness
  3. You will be eating small, frequent meals to reduce hunger and optimize your metabolism.
  4. The Phase 1 diet will induce ketone production by your body, which will increase your rate of weight loss as these calorie containing substances are eliminated from your body in your urine.

Unlike many low carb diets, the Transformations for Life Diet focuses not just on weight loss, but on your overall wellbeing.   We closely monitor every step of your Tranformation and incorporate the latest scientific knowledge into your care.  We have a resident nutritionist, Dr. Leah Gilbert-Henderson (PhD, LD/N) available for consultation if you want more in-depth knowledge about your plan and your health as well as to help guide you to make this a permanent Transformation for Life.

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