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Comprehensive health screening

Heart attack, Stroke and Osteoporosis are very prevalent in our community. In fact, heart attack is commom cause of death in America. Stroke and Osteoporosis cause death and significant disability. Loved ones are left with an incredible burden to care for the affected individual. Unfortunately, these diseases can happen without warning.
At Transformations for life, we screen for these silent killers with state of the art technology.  This way, you can get treatment before they attack.
We specialize in comprehensive Executive Wellness Physical Examinations.  Demanding  high level jobs are stressful  enough…. Allow us to help you manage your health. 

Your screening is comprehensive and includes:

  1. A complete physical examination by our physician or member of our health care team
  2. Laboratory Analysis of your body functions.
    • Several inflammatory markers of disease will be tested, including for diabetes, heart, adrenal and liver function
    • Endocrine system: growth hormone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA
    • Toxic chemicals: heavy metals and other dangerous poisons in the environment such as led and mercury
    • Nutritional deficiencies: minerals, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids and trace elements
    • Cancer screening: for several commonly occurring neoplasm’s
  3. In-house High- Tech Imaging
    • Echocardiogram (ECHO) to look at you heart muscles and blood flow through the chambers. This gives us an idea of how well your heart is functioning and may help assess your risk for a heart attack 
    • Carotid and Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound. This evaluates the blood flow through the rest of your body and may give an indication of your risk for stroke
    • High- Tech Hologic Bone Density DEXA Scan. This gives an accurate assessment of your bone health and your risk for  Osteoporosis and potential for hip, spinal bone and other long bone fractures. This is especially important for post menopausal women.