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About Transformations for Life

Weight Loss Eating Plan

Welcome to Transformations for Life. You have just taken an important step in claiming your healthiest weight to be sustained for a lifetime. We are honored to help guide you down this path and look forward to working together to form new habits and make new choices.

The key to success with this eating plan is a significant reduction in your caloric intake. This will produce a caloric deficit, which means you are burning more calories than you are consuming. This way, the body is compelled to lose weight with an initial jumpstart to your metabolism.

It is also critically important that these calories are coming from the right food sources, and we ensure that you have the critical guidance, nutritional supplementation and safe appetite suppressants.

We will begin your customized plan, following these basic 3 steps:

  • Initial evaluation and strategic planning, personalized for your body and goals
  • Plan implementation
  • Goal-driven weight loss maintenance

Initial evaluation and strategic planning:

We begin with evaluating your overall medical and weight history, conducting a comprehensive blood panel (including CBC, chemistry profile, thyroid and glucose test). Your EKG, BMI and body fat percentage will be measured. Our physician will conduct a complete medical examination and your weight loss goals will be reviewed. This initial evaluation will enable us to develop an efficient, strategic weight loss plan designed exclusively for you!

Plan implementation:

Now we move into the exciting part, the actual implementation of the Transformations for Life weight loss eating plan! Your physician will be closely involved in all aspects of the plan. Beginning the first week, you will kick-start your metabolism by eating only a safe, low calorie, high protein diet.

Considering the average person requires about .5 grams of protein per pound of body weight, per day. One gram of protein contains about four calories. So, if you weigh 200 lbs., your protein needs are about 400 calories worth.

You will be provided with an easy to follow list of optimal protein sources, and an FDA approved appetite suppressant will be prescribed by our physician to maximize your results and get you off to a dynamic start!  You will drop by weekly to monitor your progress and adjust as necessary to keep you motivated and successful. Nutritional supplementation and micronutrient injections have been proven extremely valuable and will be available through all steps of your program. A goal-directed exercise regimen will be emphasized, and a personal trainer is available to you upon request.

As your metabolism is reset and you  attain your weight loss goal, we will wean you off the appetite suppressant and increase your caloric intake.

Goal driven weight loss maintenance:

Let’s celebrate your making your weight loss goal! After you reach this step, we will move into maintenance phase, designed to keep you at your success weight for a lifetime. Portion sizes, meal planning, better food choices and improved lifestyle recommendations will be discussed.

Some prefer to set a new goal and lose more weight in addition to the goal they’d originally set. We will recalibrate your daily calorie maintenance level to accomplish either maintenance or additional loss. We will continue to be by your side at every step, and you may choose to consult our nutritionist additionally at any time during your transformation.

The rewards of improved health, increased energy and stamina, a longer life span, a new attractiveness and sense of pride and accomplishment are yours to claim. You can do this!

Give us 6 weeks, we’ll walk together down a path to total health!

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