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Internal Medicine Services

Internal medicine doctors, or internists, specialize in the health care of adults. Internists often are considered the primary care physician; however, they are not the same as family physicians or general practitioners. A large percentage of an internist’s education and training focuses on learning about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that affect adults.

Internists are trained to address the “whole” patient. An emphasis is placed on disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle. And since they specialize in treating adults, internists are experienced and knowledgeable about both common and rare health issues that may and can occur.

At Health & Wellness Centers of North Florida, our internist’s take pride in caring for you throughout your adulthood. Ranging from wellness promotion, to common problems, to severe chronic illness we are committed to seeing that you receive the care you deserve. If a situation warrants that you need a medical specialist such as a surgeon or obstetrician, we will be involved and coordinate with that doctor.

At Impact Health, we consider ourselves your health partner through your adult life. In addition to medical issues our staff members provide treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues. We also provide group therapy for our patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, congestive heart failure and hypertension.

In today’s world the medical environment can be complex and confusing. You’ll feel a sense of comfort knowing that your internist at Impact Health is the doctor you can turn to help you with your health issues. We look forward to being your health partner. Call us at 850-656-2006.