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Exercise for your Health!
By Mignon on 2/6/2017 12:07 PM

Love comes to us in many ways but always with the purpose of doing us good. Sometimes it's a simple smile, sometimes it's an invitation to join a group of friends, and sometimes it comes as an act of kindness without conditions.

By Dr M on 4/5/2016 5:01 PM
It seems to me, the evidence is pretty clear. Humans do better when they are connected to one another in meaningful ways. Either by association, or by location, we prefer to be together rather than apart. Of course, it is not always the case, not for every person, but for the majority of us, belonging to a family, a group of neighbors or associates of some kind brings us something we desire: recognition. At a very basic level, we want our existence to be recognized.
By Dr M on 1/1/2016 1:35 AM

Happy New Year! Hope your holiday celebrations have been a wonderful time for bringing family and friends together with great food and fun while we celebrate and reflect upon our many blessings. It is also a time when our health can be challenged with mis-managed stress and over-indulgence.  Even those friends and family members we are eager to see can bring the added stress of heightened expectations.

By Mignon on 8/26/2015 12:38 PM
It is August 2015, half way through the year and here we are again saying “ I can’t believe the year is more than half way over? Before you know it will be December”. I feel the same way myself. I want to bring it to your attention so you can take some time to reflect and ask yourself are you doing the things, taking the actions to accomplish those goals that you had for the New Year. I must ask myself the same thing of course. The first few months of the New Year is always a challenge for me and often I feel like I am moving through quick sand in getting to where I need and want to be. We all have many areas of our lives that we have goals in, there is personal development which may include the classic New Year’s resolutions like “ I have got to lose weight. I need to eat better. I need more exercise. ” Perhaps there are others like “I need for time for myself or personal time to relax and reflect and to feel less stressed out.” We have work or business goals, financial goals which are challenging and take time commitment and dedication and for many the most challenging needed skill is patience....
By Mignon on 1/1/2015 1:54 PM

I am an optimist at heart and see each year as a new beginning and an opportunity to be better personally, as a physician and as a PCMH practice. We would like to share our 2015 goals with you our dear patients.   

By Mignon on 12/9/2014 8:24 PM

The providers and staff of Health and Wellness Centers of North Florida wish all our wonderful patients a merry christmas and happy 2015

By Mignon on 11/8/2014 4:40 PM


Awesome News!!!  Health and Wellness Centers of North Florida (HWCNF) is a certified Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), a privilege very few medical centers have attained in North Florida.

By Mignon on 11/8/2014 4:26 PM

As the temperatures dip into the thirties and everybody is breaking out the coats and jackets, let’s not forget that the Flu season is upon us.

By Mignon on 6/2/2014 11:15 AM

Our new CoolScuplting machine takes care of those areas that are almost virtually impossible to eliminate regardless of how much exercise and dietary modification you do.

By Dr M on 7/18/2013 11:42 AM
Its summertime and the going is easy....so goes the song. 

But this also the time that most teens fresh out of school hit the roads in their cars. As parents, this is a very scary time. 

Why, you ask? Well here are some statistics:

58 percent of teen drivers killed in crashes were not wearing a seat belt in 2011, an increase from 56 percent in 2008.

 50 percent of passengers killed in crashes involving a teen driver were not buckled up in 2011, a decrease from 65 percent in 2008.

 Among the general population, the number of teen passengers who report not always wearing a seat belt decreased to 46 percent in 2011 from 51 percent in 2008. 

Teens have the lowest seat belt use of any age group.

Teens who live in states with primary enforcement seat belt laws are 12 percent more likely to buckle up as drivers and 15 percent more likely to buckle up as passengers compared to teens who reside in states with weaker secondary enforcement seat belt laws.

Seat belts...